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Get hooked on the millions of books you can read and listen to on Kobo Books - eBooks & Audiobooks.

Pick from a selection of over 5 million titles, from eBooks to audiobooks. Immerse yourself in graphic novels and let the younger ones read from our huge selection of children’s books. All from the comfort of your phone or tablet!

Are you searching for a specific book or simply looking for a new read? Search by author, title or genre! It’s quite simple and you’ll find great new literary pieces in no time!

There’s a popular and trending eBooks section and even a free selection of books! Check out our recommendations and read/listen to any book samples you want! With Kobo Books, there are many ways for you to find new books to read!

Kobo Books is specially designed to make reading super practical and enjoyable. Customize the font style and size of the text, use night mode to make reading more pleasant at night, move through pages by swiping on the touchscreen, which you can lock in whatever position you like best to read.

Rate your favorite books to help other reading enthusiasts make an informed decision on what to read and share quotes and opinions on the books you’re reading on your social media!

And, of course, you can read books in many different languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese or Japanese.

Are you more interested in listening to your books? There’s a great selection of audiobooks, only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand for now. The list of contries will keep on growing as time goes on!

Subscribe to Kobo Books and get the best deals on eBooks and audiobooks. Get more personalized recommendations and earn super points with every book you buy! You’ll also get money off the first eBooks you buy as soon you join the community!

Read every book you’ve always wanted to read and listen to audiobooks on the go with Kobo Books - eBooks & Audiobooks.

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Simone Afra Dos Santos de Oliveira 1 year ago

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Olha vou ser sincera. Pra que Esse aplicativo se os livros tem de pagar? Pô criador para pra pensar né!? Prefiro comprar do que gastar meu tempo com isso. Aff...

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Tia-Crystal Smithsworth 4 years ago

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Good point

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Tia-Crystal Smithsworth 4 years ago

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Epic. Can finally relax😓

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mohanad shmouty 5 years ago

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it is half white half black it is semi good semi bad some times magnificent some times sucks

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carlosraco92 5 years ago

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me conviene para leer mejor tengo 18 y no se leer bien XD

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